We simplify work.

We simplify work for global workforces with our unique visual pongo™ platform.

Towards zero injuries.

Raising standards and keeping a global workforce safe.

When one of the world's largest coated steel producers needed to improve safety standards across their global network, they asked us to make a difference.

Installing pongo with our unique "before/after" visual problem-solving has improved worker safety across locations in Asia, India and North America.

"Pongo Labs has been an integral part of our success" - Andrew Montgomery, Bluescope Steel

Powered by pongo.cloud.

A million happy meals.

Ensuring food quality and timely delivery for a global icon.

When you are servicing one of the largest restaurant chains in the world and delivering a million meals a day, you can't afford mistakes.

We revolutionized quality inspections in the restaurant supply chain by eliminating paperwork and installing pongo for visual fault recording and delivery management.

Powered by pongo.cloud integrated with Oracle™ ERP.

Keeping the lights on.

Simplifying fieldwork for infrastructure maintenance.

We rely on utility companies to keep our electricity networks running smoothly. And they rely on us to make sure the job gets done right.

A new pongo installation is transforming fieldwork for one of Australia's premier utility maintenance companies and saving thousands of dollars every day.

"Absolutely brilliant for our guys. Honestly, Pongo has saved us millions." - John Smith, Zinfra

Powered by pongo.cloud integrated with SAP™.

We got your back.

Empowering employees to manage their own health.

One of our region's biggest telecommunication companies is very aware of its responsibility to keep its global workforce of 32,000 employees safe and productive.

Switching to pongo has given workers from all backgrounds access to a simple, visual workflow to manage their own health in the workplace and report incidents.

Powered by pongo.cloud integrated with RSA™ Archer.

Driving wheels.

Maintaining vehicles and staff in top working order.

A diverse fleet of vehicles is a challenge to track and maintain.

When one of our Australian customers needed to manage their fleet, ensure employee safety and reduce operational costs, they turned to pongo for fleet management and auditing.

Powered by pongo.cloud.

Meet the right people.

Driving face-to-face business.

So you've joined the event, but how do you find the people who are right for your business?

When governments, big business and startups collide, it's pongo that brings them together. Our unique pop-up networking technology drives and rewards face-to-face meetings and leads to real business outcomes.

Powered by pongo.cloud and touchpoint™.

Over 20 million pongo interactions so far for our global enterprise customers.

"The best technologies are simple and transparent. And they make you smile."
Shourov Bhattacharya, Founder
"Pictures tell a thousand words. We love improving business - one pixel at a time."
Luke Feldman, Founder

Wanna pongo?

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