Creating visual software that transforms business.

We create software innovations with beautiful, visual interfaces that engage users, increase data flow and enable better decisions.

People love our software, and our partners and customers have generated millions in savings, revenue and valuable new IP.

Our team has decades of experience solving problems for companies in many industries through long-term relationships that share success.

"We love improving business ... one pixel at a time."

Luke Feldman

Why us?

Award-winning designers.
Specializing in UX, UI and instructional design, our team crafts visuals that enchant and educate. Our simple, graphical user interfaces make complex tasks easy for diverse, global workforces - with zero training.
World-class engineers.
Our full-stack engineers work with the latest front- and back-end technologies and have deep experience with systems at scale. Not to mention pedigrees in data science, hardware integration, cloud security and more.
Enterprise framework.
The pongo™ framework is made for enterprise. Our cloud infrastructure now manages over 20 million data points for our clients, and we've built integrations with SAP™, Oracle™, Dropbox™ and more.
Blue-chip track record.
For a decade, we've have created software for large and medium enterprises including Fortune 100 brands. Now 200,000+ users in 15 countries do 30 million user actions every year and deliver over $50 million of value to our clients.
High user engagement.
People love using our software. We bring best-practice user experience into the workplace and our deployments consistently lead to high rates of adoption and big increases in usage and data flow.
Social and game design.
We draw on our background in game design to do gamification right, using proven techniques from social media and gaming to drive engagement, incentivize users and share knowledge.

"We love technology - but people come first."

Shourov Bhattacharya


Shourov Bhattacharya.
Shourov is an engineer with degrees in computer science and engineering from the University of Melbourne and a U.S. patent for his work building robots at the University of Delaware.

He has worked at companies including Honeywell and Grey Global and designed software solutions at scale for many corporate and government clients across many different platforms.

He is also a musician who wrote and performed on an iTunes World #1 album and is a writer and multi-disciplinary researcher, publishing his work in journals and collaborating with universities and corporates.
Luke Feldman.
Luke is a user experience and interface design specialist obsessed with visual, icon and instructional design.

He has a background in visual arts, game design and animation and is a highly regarded artist with an international fan base. He is also an accomplished martial artist who has competed at international level.

Luke has worked in the U.S. at companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, Cartoon Network and Microsoft Research, where he led the design and marketplace development of their visual social network called Wallop.

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