Why pongo?

Simple visual interface.

Enterprise invests in software that employees struggle to use. Our visual interface uses game design to make work tasks and processes engaging and easy.

Maximum data capture.

The enterprise IT landscape is fragmented. Our platform interfaces seamlessly with existing IT systems to streamline user experience and maximise data points.

Training on the job.

Enterprise training is sporadic and expensive. We replace static and tedious workplace training with dynamic learning moments that are embedded into the workday.

success stories

A million happy meals

Ensuring food quality for a global icon.

When you are servicing one of the largest restaurant chains in the world and delivering a million meals a day, you can't afford mistakes. We ensure food quality in the restaurant supply chain with simple, visual inspection tasks that need zero training.

  • Total inspection times cut by >80%
  • Paperwork and data entry eliminated
  • Inspecting 1 million meals every day


We got your back

Letting people manage their own health.

One of the region's biggest telcos is very aware of its responsibility to keep its global workforce safe and productive. Our health and safety tasks give workers a way to prevent injuries, report incidents and learn from one other.

  • 100%+ increase in employee engagement
  • Reducing workloads for management
  • Vastly improving response times


Towards zero injuries

Keeping a global workforce safe.

When one of the world's largest coated steel producers needed to improve training across their global network, they decided to go pongo. Our field safety and training tasks have improved outcomes across locations in Asia, India and North America.

  • Raising safety standards at >30 locations
  • Identifing and rewarding safety 'champions'
  • Multilingual workflows across 12 languages


Supporting global growth

Sharing knowledge and rewarding the doers.

A major green energy producer is going global fast, and we are right there with them to support their growth. Pongo field and office tasks capture conversations and key employee knowledge and instantly share across their global business.

  • Capturing key conversations and risks
  • Encouraging face-to-face engagement
  • Rewarding pro-active employees with leadership


Simple onboarding

Solving the problem of induction.

Quickly onboarding new contractors and employees with technology has never been possible. We are the first to solve this expensive problem with simple welcome tasks that can be instantly shared. Now being trialled at a major transport company.

  • Instant 'welcome' using Touchpoint™
  • Reducing administration workloads by >70%
  • Onboarding times reduced by >50%


Keeping the lights on

Simplifying field maintenance.

Learning and doing belong together. Our fieldwork tasks for one of Australia's premier utility companies makes maintenance simple and reduces errors in the field with our beautiful, custom designed instructional interface.

  • Eliminating paperwork and complex forms
  • Re-routing maintenance teams in real-time
  • Reducing errors with visual instructional design


About pongo

At pongo labs we have used our expertise in visual illustration, game design and mobile software development to create a unique task platform for enterprises and communities. Our pongo platform is licensed by global businesses including Fortune 100 brands and used by 200K+ people in 15+ countries.

We are a private company launched in 2012 that operates with a team of developers, designers and consultants based at offices in Melbourne, Australia.



Luke Feldman

Pictures tell a thousand words. We love improving business - one pixel at a time.

A user experience specialist, Luke is the strategic mastermind that ensures that pongo technology looks beautiful, is easy to use and solves real world problems.

He now works with his team of designers and specialists to craft the best possible pongo experiences for users all over the world.

Shourov Bhattacharya

The best technologies survive the test of time because they are simple and natural.

An unconventional and creative problem solver, Shourov has a track record of taking risks, building new technologies and bringing innovations to market.

He now works with his team of coders, researchers and cloud specialists to push the boundaries of what is possible.