Our unique mobile task technology is used by businesses and individuals to simplify work and life.


Simplify tasks and reduce workloads

Instantly access useful tasks from anywhere on any phone
Simple, visual workflows reduce unnecessary work
Pre-built pongo tasks conform to global best practices


Embed training into every task

Get relevant training - delivered exactly when needed
Visual pongo design maximizes comprehension for diverse communities
Embed safety and best practice seamlessly into everyday work


Instant teamwork for any task

Get solutions to problems from others doing the same task
Find task experts instantly with task networks
Share knowledge, create positive relationships and make work social

Over 10 million pongo tasks completed

Pongo learning moment every 4 minutes

Pongo saving teams over 1 million hours a year

  pongo safety

Towards zero injuries

Raising standards and keeping a global workforce safe.

When one of the world's largest coated steel producers needed to improve standards and training across their global network, they asked us to make a difference.
Installing pongo with our unique visual problem-solving and training has improved worker safety across locations in Asia, India and North America.

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  pongo fieldwork

Keeping the lights on

Simplifying infrastructure maintenance.

We rely on utility companies to keep our electricity networks running smoothly. And they rely on us to make sure the job gets done right. A new pongo installation integrated with SAP is transforming fieldwork for one of Australia's premier utility maintenance companies and saving thousands of dollars every day.

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  pongo quality

A million happy meals

Ensuring food quality and timely delivery for a global icon.

When you are servicing one of the largest restaurant chains in the world and delivering a million meals a day, you can't afford mistakes.We revolutionized quality inspections in the restaurant supply chain by eliminating paperwork and installing pongo integrated with Oracle for the management of delivery faults.

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  pongo health

We got your back

Empowering employees to manage their own health.

One of our region's biggest telecommunication companies is very aware of its responsibility to keep its global workforce of 32,000 employees safe and productive. Switching to pongo has given workers from all backgrounds access to a simple, visual workflow to manage their own health in the workplace, report incidents and learn from each other.

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  pongo food

Hungry? Let's go.

What you want. When you want it.

Searching for a good place to eat is one thing - finding one is another. Our latest social app FeedJack takes the stress out of one of life's daily decisions. Our pongo intelligent search algorithms find you the best place to go nearby with just one touch - wherever you are. Now in beta and launching in mid-2017.

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At pongo labs we use our intelligent task-based networking and information platform to create applications for business and consumers. Our pongo platform is licensed by many large global businesses including Fortune 50 brands and used by workforces in over 50 countries.

We constantly explore new ways of using technology to simplify and improve people's lives, and we have active research collaborations with a number of leading universities.

We are a private company launched in 2012 that operates with a team of developers, designers and consultants based at offices in Melbourne, Australia.



Luke Feldman

"Pictures tell a thousand words. We love improving business - one pixel at a time."

A user experience specialist, Luke is the strategic mastermind that ensures that pongo technology looks beautiful, is easy to use and solves real world problems.

He now works with his team of designers and specialists to craft the best possible pongo experiences for users all over the world.

Shourov Bhattacharya

"The best technologies are built not by people who love technology - but people who love people."

An unconventional and creative problem solver, Shourov has a track record of taking risks, building new technologies and bringing innovations to market.

He now works with his team of coders, researchers and cloud specialists to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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