Universal Visual Language Framework.

Our unique software framework uses visual language to make technology simple, inclusive and seamless for customers, employees and citizens.

We replace complex processes and software with simple, integrated visual interfaces.
Our semantic visual language has been validated by over 200K users in 30 countries.
Our unique Touchpoint™ API connects phones, tablets, signage and kiosks from any vendor.
We have captured over 20M customer data points for better, data-driven decision making.
We use game and social design methodologies to create UX that people love to use.
Our work has delivered over $50M of value to our enterprise and government clients.

We work with enterprises and governments to simplify customer journeys and employee experiences - now >1B impressions, >20M data points, >200K users and $50M in delivered value

Simplified health and safety processes and increased engagement for over 100K global users, vastly decreasing workloads.
Revolutionized food quality inspection with our visual platform, now processing over a billion meals so far.
Pacific Hydro.
Gamified knowledge sharing for a global employee base to spread best practices throughout the workforce.
Standardized construction safety across a diverse workforce with simple, instructional safety platform.
Visual fleet management using smart imaging and instructional design to log damage in real-time.
Transformed the customer experience with simple, visual mobile software and reduced waiting times.

We are engineers and visual designers with a shared passion to make technology simple and inclusive. We'd love to hear from you.

Shourov Bhattacharya.
Engineering, computer science, linguistics and mathematics. Turning great ideas into software, ever since he was twelve.
Luke Feldman.
Visual arts, user experience, game design. Obsessed with pushing the boundaries of visual, icon and instructional design.