Symbol-Based Communication.
In a complex, multi-lingual and multi-cultural user landscape, symbol-based interfaces have inherent advantages. We are combining linguistics, psychology, art and information theory to create new ways for people to collaborate and do practical tasks without text.
Our ping™ platform uses a structured grammar of symbols for visual "micro-communication" in real-world scenarios.
Augmented Reality For Logistics.
The integration of AR capabilities into mobile devices is creating opportunities for new applications. While most developers are creating marketing experiences for consumers, we are exploring ways to simplify and transform work for workers in transport and logistics.
Our LoadAR prototype delivers key information about delivery loads as an intuitive AR experience overlaid on live video of a vehicle.
Socializing with Facial Recognition.
Powerful new APIs such as AWS Rekognition allow us to build new visual workflows that use real-time image analysis. Our research is testing ways to use facial recognition for users to own and build social networks using photos - while taking control of their own data.
Our Metwork™ prototype uses "selfies" to instantly exchange business details and build a "face-to-face" social network.
Simultaneous Touch Networking.
We have invented a completely new way to create networks and transfer information amongst groups of devices using simultaneous touch. This will enable a whole new class of "touch" applications for instant information transfer in face-to-face situations.
Our touchpoint™ platform transfers files instantly, consensually and anonymously between any number of devices. Looking for commercialization partners.

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Contextual Mobile Search.
Most search and aggregation algorithms fail to sufficiently understand user context, returning too much data and creating cognitive load. We are using time, location, history and sentiment analysis to create smarter ways to find the right information at the right moment.
Our FeedJack™ prototype does restaurant recommendation with a difference - it returns you just one good option based on our contextual search.

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