Our Work

Transforming Workplace Health and Wellbeing
Our work with Australia's leading telecommunications provider Telstra brought a simple, visual Health and Safety experience to their workforce of over 100K employees and contractors. Moving away from traditional paper-based, third-party inspections, we sourced industry experts to create new "self-service" visual workflows for tasks like ergonomic assessments and vehicle inspections that can be completed on any mobile device. A unique piece of IP that retains its value for global workforces.
Innovating Food Quality Inspection.
Martin Brower is a leading global logistics provider, delivering millions of meals every year to McDonalds restaurants. We began our engagement by mapping out their food quality inspection process, where we immediately recognized the opportunity to improve outcomes by going visual - using photos to record and solve quality issues in collaboration with suppliers.

The result is a partnership that has developed an industry-leading mobile inspection app and delivered millions of dollars in time and risk savings. We have now inspected over a billion meals over five years and kept Martin Brower at the cutting edge of quality control.
Creating a Social Workforce.
Taking learnings from social media and gaming, our recent partnership with green energy provider Pacific Hydro has brought workforces in Chile, Brazil and Australia together in a new knowledge-sharing and risk management platform that is driven by bottom-up employee engagement. Our simple, effective gamification strategy highlights activity in real-time and spreads good practice organically throughout the organization.

A world-first in employee experience and an innovation that has enhanced Pacific Hydro's value as one of the industry's best places to work.
Globalizing Best Practice.
With a multi-cultural and multi-lingual workforces spread over sites in Asia, India, Australia and North America, a company such as Bluescope Steel has a challenge in trying to standardize best practices across their workforce. Our collaboration created a set of visual "global requirements" that were deployed using mobile devices to 15 different countries.

In a competitive global industry, this innovation puts Bluescope ahead of their peers - setting the standard for global best practice in construction.
Simplifying Fleet Management.
Keeping track of a large fleet isn't easy, especially when used by workers to service a sprawling national utility network. Our fleet management solution used smart imaging and instructional design to find damage, log usage and create a visual fleet database - in the process, creating a valuable piece of shared IP that added market value to the business.
Transforming Customer Experience.
Medibank has a network of retail outlets for their health insurance services, and the in-store customer experience is key. Our partnership led to a simple but effective strategy - a "queue walker" iPad app that was used by floor staff to service customers in the queue and reduce waiting times for everyone.

One of the earliest and best uses of mobile devices in the world of customer experience - and one that enhanced the organization's perceived value in the market.
Augmented Reality For Logistics.
The integration of AR capabilities into mobile devices is creating opportunities for new applications. While most developers are creating marketing experiences for consumers, we are exploring ways to simplify and transform work for workers in transport and logistics.
Our LoadAR prototype delivers key information about delivery loads as an intuitive AR experience overlaid on live video of a vehicle.
Socializing with Facial Recognition.
Powerful new APIs such as AWS Rekognition allow us to build new visual workflows that use real-time image analysis. Our research is testing ways to use facial recognition for users to own and build social networks using photos - while taking control of their own data.
Our Metwork™ prototype uses "selfies" to instantly exchange business details and build a "face-to-face" social network.
Simultaneous Touch Networking.
We have invented a completely new way to create networks and transfer information amongst groups of devices using simultaneous touch. This will enable a whole new class of "touch" applications for instant information transfer in face-to-face situations.
Our touchpoint™ platform transfers files instantly, consensually and anonymously between any number of devices. Looking for commercialization partners.

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Contextual Mobile Search.
Most search and aggregation algorithms fail to sufficiently understand user context, returning too much data and creating cognitive load. We are using time, location, history and sentiment analysis to create smarter ways to find the right information at the right moment.
Our FeedJack™ prototype does restaurant recommendation with a difference - it returns you just one good option based on our contextual search.

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Symbol-Based Communication.
In a complex, multi-lingual and multi-cultural user landscape, symbol-based interfaces have inherent advantages. We are combining linguistics, psychology, art and information theory to create new ways for people to collaborate and do practical tasks without text.
Our ping™ platform uses a structured grammar of symbols for visual "micro-communication" in real-world scenarios.

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