Consult with entrepreneurs.

Our Pongo workshops connect you with innovative minds from our team and our network of successful entrepreneurs to develop solutions to your business problems. We have a track record of simplifying processes, improving the user experience and prototyping new solutions using the latest technologies.
We work with universities, government departments and medium to large companies including global brands in telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, energy, construction, education, transport and more.
Art meets technology.
Work with a full-stack creative team with a deep commitment to simplicity and positive user experience. We have a unique mix of award-winning visual design, UX/UI expertise and world-class hardware and software engineering.
Entrepreneurs, not consultants.
Access innovative minds that are doers as well as thinkers. Our network of successful entrepreneurs has a track record of solving problems and building solutions across a variety of industries in partnership with universities and big business.
Illustrated solutions.
Get a unique and very shareable summary of your workshop as a 'live art' infographic that includes a follow-up plan. We are experts in using visual language to communicate ideas to diverse audiences.
Experience co-working.
Visit us at Australia's premier co-working space, experience an environment built for collaboration and be introduced to a diverse and successful community of innovative businesses.
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